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Children In Need

Children in Need day began with swarms of dotty, yellow creatures invading the playground.

Everyone made a marvellous effort to join in with the day for such an important cause. There were super displays of face painting, crazy coloured hair and Pudsey themed outfits. Many classes took part in fun activities and lessons based on charity and kindness. Our assembly for today looked at how we are the same, but different. Children have learnt about acts of kindness, friendship and understanding.

Our children said, “It was funny to see big, yellow Pudsey,” “Pudsey was very kind and game everyone hugs and hi-fives,” “it was fun to see everyone looking different.”

Together, as a team, we have raised a super £330.

Thank you to all pupils and parents for your support in this fundraising event.

Pudsey Bear – Children In Need

Children In Need, Pudsey Bear


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