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A Year 2 Class Post

14.3.19 – Black Book Home Learning Ideas

Black book – In Science week we have explored journeys. Design a poster about a journey of your choice.

You could:

  1. Write about the journey of a sneeze. You could do a comic strip of the journey of a sneeze
  2. Write about the journey of a germ.

Image result for journey of a germ

  1. Write about the journey of a plastic bottle.https://www.ted.com/talks/emma_bryce_what_really_happens_to_the_plastic_you_throw_away?language=en

Image result for recycle bottle cycle

You could write a  story about what happens to plastic bottle.

You could write a diary as if you are a plastic bottle.









  1. You could write the journey of a rocket. Like our balloon rockets.




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