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A Year 5 Class Post

Exploring multiples and wolves!

In Maths this week we have had a lot of fun exploring our new topic, multiplication and division. We have been using factor bugs to help us investigate factor pairs, and discovered some prime numbers for ourselves. We will learn more about these special numbers next week. We also had the dice out and explored common multiples. The winner usually rolled small numbers and found lots of common multiples easily.
Who is ERIC? ERIC stands for Everybody Reading in Class. Maple are paired with Elm in Year 3 and Walnut are paired with Year 1.  We welcomed our younger readers into our Year 5 classrooms and really enjoyed listening to their reading and signing their reading records. We thought about useful comments to write. It was interesting thinking about how much expression and intontation the Year 3s could use and the multisyllabic words they could pronounce.
In Art we looked at drawing wolves from photos and film. We experimented with different materials and different ways to drawing to find the best way to draw a wolf. We tried hard to observe carefully. This really slowed down our drawing but meant that we got lots of good effects, especially with fur and shading.​
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