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Year 6 Pupil blogs – Maths clinic

Maths Clinic Launch –

A blog written By Amber, Alice and Jess P – Beech class

On Wednesday 10th January 2024, Mrs Reed started up Maths Clinic, a club where students can come to improve their maths. They come as a patient or doctor, patients being helped and assisted by a doctor, someone more confident.

In the first maths clinic, all the students that came worked on a certain area of maths and the doctors were the children that helped. Some children worked on their arithmetic while others worked on a particular thing they needed help with or just a recap.

Here are some interviews from people that came to maths clinic.

“Mia helped me with adding and subtracting decimals”-Philippa

“I enjoyed working with children that were thriving to improve their maths skills and share their learning with others.”-Mrs Reed

“I like Maths Clinic because it’s fun to be the teacher instead.”-Alexandra

“I learned things that I didn’t understand before. Maths Clinic helped me understand.”-Eliza

“I enjoyed having one of my friends as the teacher”-Isabella

“I thought that it helped me learn subjects I needed to work on.”-Lily

“Maths Clinic is really fun and I enjoy helping people with their maths.”-Mia

“It helped me to recap things we’ve learnt and gave me a boost.”-Violet

“It was an amazing club as it was a chance to let the students teach each other.”-Amy



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