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A Year 5 Class Post

A Day in Greece

Year 5 had a fantastic day yesterday when they went to Ancient Greece – or rather, it came to them.

They spent the morning learning new skills in the Athenian market-place as the soldiers went off to battle with the Persians.

They worked at stone carving, making mosaics for the temple floor, painting friezes for the temple walls, crushing olives to make oil to burn, medicine to cure all ills… and much more!

One of the many crafts that the children learnt


As the day progressed, Master Zeno, the Archon of Athens, informed them of  events from the battle, and the children even watched in dismay as one of the messengers collapsed after running all the way back from Marathon to declare victory for Athens!

Pheidippedes collapsing after inadvertently inventing the Marathon

Later in the day, the children watched some top-quality Greek Theatre, with two tragedies and a comedy about Greek gods and other heroes.

Dramatic Greek tragedy


An authentic Greek actor with the Chorus in front


Pandora opening the dreaded jar


Blinding the Cyclops


Odysseus and his crew escaping disguised as sheep in the Greek comedy

Whilst seated in the amphitheatre, they witnessed the March of the Orphans, who were adopted by the state of Athens.

The March of the Orphans

The audience participated in a great banquet consisting of olives, cheese, bread and wine, served by the slaves.

Slaves making offerings to Dionysus before the banquet starts


A toast before supping their wine


Slaves serving the food

It was a brilliant event, and the children have learnt so much about the history and culture of Ancient Greece. They all looked amazing in their costumes, and everyone participated in the various activities enthusiastically and respectfully yet with a great sense of humour. Well done, Year 5.

Thanks, too, to all the fabulous helpers who supported each work-station during the day. Your help is very much appreciated.

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