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A Year 5 Class Post

A fun week 7!

In this week’s year 5 blog, we have year 5 children telling you what they enjoyed about their learning and activities in school this week:

Annabel- ” I enjoyed the human rock, paper and scissors as we got to interact using our body and got to compete as a team against other teams! It was really fun!”

Grace- “I really liked free writing today as it was my first time ever that I got to express what I wanted to write on paper without being marked or told what to do!”

Amelie- “I liked the Art because we got to recreate someone’s artwork using different techniques by blending colours!”

Stanley- “This week, we got to do our first zoom assembly with all of key stage 2, we got to see Mrs Thomas in her office and it was quiet funny and we could see everyone else on the screen!”

Esme- “In PSHE, I enjoyed creating a comic strip about the life of a refugee. I liked it because we learnt about how a refugee struggled with belonging.”

Dan- “I liked writing our traditional tale because we get to express and creating ourselves.”

Max- “I really enjoyed computing because I love coding and it works my mind. It is great trial and error. Trial and error is about not getting it first try and you become resilient in different subjects like how we did it in maths first.”

Emily- “I enjoyed Maths because normally I sit on my seat trying to do it on my own and find it hard but worked with Miss Mai in a focus group where we helped each other!”

Henry-“I really enjoyed Science, not because I got dizzy showing everyone how the Earth rotates. It explained to me how we get a crescent moon because I never knew the actual reason why and now I do!”

George- ” The thing I really enjoyed was probably when we did more Daily Mile because we got to boost our running stamina!”

Zuzu- “Geography is so interesting because I like learning about how the world works!”

Mara-” I really enjoyed computing! I have never used 2code and it has boosted my brain!”

Jamal- “This week, I have enjoyed when we keep doing our free writes because it is calming is because everyone is calm with the relaxing music allowing us to write!”

Miss Mai – ” I am so proud of my class, they have really shown great year 5 qualities this week and produced amazing learning and I have seen a IMMENSE change in their attitude and happiness at school!”



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