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A Year 5 Class Post

A warm, fun sports week!

Sports Week
What a fantastic week we have had getting active in school. Year 5 have tried football, skate-boarding, Taekwan-do and Dodgeball as well as continuing with our daily mile and Athletics topic in PE.
We started the week with football, learning some new tricks as well as trying different games to improve our team work and co-ordination. We all had a go at rainbow kicks! Well done to our top trainers in Year 5 who were awarded special recognition for their determination, manners and ability to pick up skills and follow advice quickly.
Two Taekwan-do instructors came to teach us about the 5 tenets of Taekwando, the aims and history of Taekwando and some Taekwan-do moves. We learnt that Taekwan-do is an approach to life as well as a sport,  as the 5 tenets are courtesy, perseverance, self-control, integrity and indominable spirit. Learning Taekwan-do will help with confidence as well as fitness, and its main aim is to prevent fights and violence. We had lots of fun practising punches, kicks and blocks. The best way to protect yourself in a fight is to move back!
Skateboarding was lots of fun! There were lots of tips on keeping our balance, moving safely and staying safe. It was wobbly, but working together we kept ourselves upright and managed a good few trips back and forth across the playground.
English and History
In the classroom, we have been continuing with our study of Hitler’s Canary, exploring how Sandi Toksvig presents different points of view through the different characters and how she creates interesting characters who have lots of different character traits in one person. We have been looking at how propaganda was used in World War II in both the UK and in Denmark, and what we can learn about life in the past from propaganda.
An exciting week keeping our minds and our bodies very active indeed!

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