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A Year 5 Class Post

A Wonderful World Book Day in Year 5!

Thank you to all Year 5 families for your support of World Book Day. It was lovely to see so many fun costumes, and children so excited about reading.

We were lucky enough to have  a talk from a Year 5 parent about her work in the world of children’s publishing. She was a designer on the Gruffalo series when it was first created and shared some early versions of the Gruffalo and its cover. It was interesting to see how the creature evolved from a terrifying beast into the feast but friendly creature we know and love today. She also brought along some original Axel Scheffler artworks for us to see, as well as examples of books that she is making herself. The children had plenty of questions and have hopefully been inspired to begin their own book-making journey.

We made our own theatre books with scenes from our favourite books of the year. Some children choose their favourite class reader and we remembered the cat Varjak Paw and the Boy in the Tower; other children shared their favourite reads from away from the classroom. They all worked hard to bring their synopses to life!

We even completed some World Book Day maths challenges, finding the perimeter of different books, including a standard paperback, the Guinness World Records (nearly a metre round the edge!) and our own giant Tom Gates! Good adding of decimals everyone!

This year, the children did not receive a voucher but a copy of the World Book Day book Oneyeka and the Secret Superhero,  from bestselling author Tọlá Okogwu. Please encourage your child to read, so that then we can have  a World Book Day Book Club meet in one of our English lesson to discuss what we all thought about it.



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