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A Year 5 Class Post

All About Bikes!


This week, Year 5 have been in a world of Bikeability.

The instructors were very impressed with the children’s positivity, determination and manners and enjoyed their week at Samuel Lucas very much.

The children have practised their braking, riding and indicating and learnt key road signs in order to prepare them for riding independently and safely on the road.

The children who participated and completed the one day in school or the one-week course including riding on the road will receive badges and certificates in due course.


Bikes in Science

As we progress through our forces unit in science, the time came for looking at gears. Thank you to all the children who lent us their bikes to examine and investigate. We looked at the gears on the bikes and saw how they varied in size. We investigated how combinations of different sizes of gear create force or speed and how these combinations can help us climb hills on our bikes or win races.


Well done to all the children, whether they rode their bikes or not, for being so resilient this week, dealing with the topsy-turvy timetable, working with children from across the year group and the changeable weather conditions!

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