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A Year 5 Class Post

All about counter tensioning and Mayan motif art!

In PE this week we continued working on our gymnastics skills. We worked in pairs so we could practise our counterbalancing. This week we focussed on sequencing our balances, joining them together with some graceful movements. As we were working in pairs, we practised working in unison – mirroring each other’s movements, keeping in time with each other and being symmetrical where we could. We tried to make sure we were excellent gymnasts by being Extended, Still and Silent. It was a lot of fun, and impressive watching the sequences that we all created. Lots of lovely teamwork and silent communication!
In Art we continued our work on Maya inspired decorative crafts. We started a new mini-project today creating a motif inspired by Maya shell art. We had the opportunity to look at real shells. Some of them were massive! We all noticed that they were quite rough on the outside but inside were smooth, shiny and beautiful iridescent colours. We designed a motif that will look good on a small purse and painted our motifs on fabric squares. The fabric paints were quite thick but we achieved lots of different effects with them. Next week we will add detail and decoration with some embroidery stitches before making our panels into purses, re-visiting our textile construction skills from DT last term.
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