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A Year 5 Class Post

All in proportion!

In football this week we’ve done football. We’ve been practising defending.
When someone is going to attack you need to get low and ready to spin and take the ball. It was funny when we played attacker against defender but with no ball. We ran and chased each other! If some of us play football, we will be much better at defending.
In art we practised drawing faces in proportion. We drew different faces from Greek statues because we are studying the Ancient Greeks in history. We drew guidelines to help us put the features in the right places.
We are using B pencils so that we can draw different kinds of lines with one pencil and practise our shading as well. We warmed up by sketching and shading a pebble. We have the pebbles in our classroom because we are learning about Athenian democracy as well.
We travelled back to Ancient Greece this week and discovered that many aspects of Ancient Greek life such as education, language, politics, alphabet and art are still used in modern society today! We about the Athenian democratic government and how they voted using stones and we had our own class vote and voted with stones too.  Each person chose a stone – they voted with a white pebble for ‘yes’ and a black pebble for ‘no’ – and put it in a pot to be counted.  We compared modern day democratic government with theirs and found that instead of just men voting, now any gender can vote-as long as you are over 18 years of age.
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