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A Year 6 Class Post

Apologies from Year 6!

Last week, Mrs Reed and I tried to share our National Poetry Day learning with you but the computer said “No”.

Here is our blog from last week, with apologies.


This week we have celebrated National Poetry day with a live lesson from writer and Poet Simon Mole. We looked at a poem called The Herd and thought about communities we belong to.  As a class, we wrote one about being part of the Samuel Lucas community before writing our own. We are so proud of the lovely poems they have written about our school.




My herd ‚Äď Samuel Lucas¬†(Spruce Class)


A herd means being there for each other- no matter what! Learning, playing and singing together.  Competing and working as one. Celebratory assemblies rejoicing our community, from the children to the teachers, from the teaching assistants to the cleaners, from the office staff to the lunch staff. Samuel Lucas is loving.

A herd means eating our food together.  Enjoying golden cheese pizza with oozing tomato sauce, hot crispy roast potatoes and juicy, crunchy grapes.  Samuel Lucas is safe.

A herd means working together to complete a deepening task.  Peer assessment to find our mistakes, falling out with our friends, learning a new laugange together we can fix anything. Samuel Lucas is hard- working.

A herd means cheering each other on.  Your friends making you feel better with a warm hug.  The teachers checking in ensuring we are ok.  Holding the door open for someone.  Samuel Lucas is kind.

A herd means sticking to our five rules.  We respect everyone in our community; we listen and include everyone in our school. We are kind with our words and actions.  We take pride in our school and always try our best. Samuel Lucas is friendly

A herd means feeling safe and warm. Feeling happy wherever you are.  A feeling of belonging to the Samuel Lucas community. A place to learn, play and grow together. Samuel Lucas is unique.


My Herd ‚Äď Samuel Lucas¬†by Beech class


A herd means celebrating each other every Friday. Having fun sharing music, singing together and listening to the staff song of the week.  Sharing our successes in clubs and in education and celebrating our incredible hard-working staff.  Making sure everybody feels included.

A herd means coming together in the dining hall, enjoying golden-cheesy pizza wraps, hot dogs, crumbling shortbread and refreshing watermelon and special celebrations for a scrumptious Christmas dinner.

A herd means helping each other when they are stuck in the learning pit.  Celebrating mistakes and learning from them. We never give up.

A herd means caring for everyone when we feel sad by sharing a warm smile.  Asking someone to play if they look alone.  Cheering for others when they succeed.


A herd means working together following our five golden rules to make sure that we take pride in our work and environment, we show respect, and we are kind. We always try our best and never give up, even on a rainy day. We listen and include everyone. Nobody is left behind.

A herd means a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you are in a safe and happy place. A feeling of belonging to the Samuel Lucas community.  A fun place to come where opportunities are endless. We are lucky to be in this herd.


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