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A Year 4 Class Post

Autumn 1 Week 3

This week as writers we have been exploring riddles and then wrote our own. See if you can guess the object being described in these riddles:


I run without stopping,

I live in Scotland but I have another home in England.

My favourite colour is green.

When you set me on fire, I blow steam out of my mouth.

I have a horn on my back.


Answer: Flying Scotsman



My hands get moved around.

While looking at the numbers all around me.

I sometimes leap forwards or backwards.


Answer: A clock


As mathematicians, we have been comparing and ordering 4 digit numbers. We really enjoyed playing a game where we had to select a digit card and decide which place value column to place it in to build the biggest possible 4 digit number!


As scientists, we explored how sound travels by conducting an experiment. An instrument was played and every time we heard it we moved back 10 steps. We repeated this process until we couldn’t hear the sound anymore!

As historians, we explored how Rome was ruled, looking in detail at how Julius Caesar rose to power. We created timelines showing this.


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