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A Year 2 Class Post

Autumn 1 Week 4

What another brilliant week of learning we have had!

As writers we have continued exploring the Traditional Tale of Rapunzel but we have focused on describing the good and bad characters in the story. Then we created our very own expanded noun phrases to describe the forest that Rapunzel goes into.

“The soft cute bunny read the wonderful book with Rapunzel.”

“Rapunzel is exploring the dark gloomy forest.”

“The fast horse was staring at Rapunzel’s golden hair.”


As mathematicians we have continued exploring the place value of 2 digit numbers but with a focus on ordering and comparing numbers. We used dienes to help us make 2 digit numbers, used the rule of comparing the tens and then the ones, and then compared them using the <, > or = signs.


As scientists we have developed our understanding of living things and their habitats by exploring how different animals are suited to their habitats. We then considered what would happen if animals swapped habitats.

“A duck lives in a pond because it is good at swimming.”

“Polar bears live in the arctic because they can camouflage.”

“Sheep live in fields because they eat grass.”


As digital learners we have continued developing our coding by using ‘collision detection’ code blocks.  We had to create algorithms that would make the princess stop when she collided with the frog and then the frog would turn into a prince!


As geographers we have continued our learning about the UK, this time focusing on England. We used compass points to help us identify which countries are to the north and west of England and also sorted some of England’s human and physical features.

As physical learners, we have been developing our skills in team games. The children loved playing games such as ‘Keepy uppy’ and ‘Cross the Swamp’. They had to work really hard as a team in order to keep the balloon up in the air without it touching the ground! They also passed a ball around using only their feet- this required some creative thinking and lots of effort to work together.

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