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A Year 2 Class Post

Autumn 2 Week 1

As writers we have continued using the text ’10 delicious teachers’ to write our very own version of the story. We are really excited to share these stories with you at our outcome this half term!

Ten Delicious Teachers : Montgomery, Ross, Warburton, Sarah: Amazon.co.uk: Books

We are also really excited about starting to learn some pre-cursive letter formation in handwriting next week!

As mathematicians we have been continuing developing our addition and subtraction skills. We have learnt to subtract over a 10 (e.g. 25-8) and have learnt how to subtract from a 10 (e.g. 50 – 4 = 46). We have also been exploring what happens when we add or subtract tens to a number.


As scientists we have started our new topic of ‘animals including humans’. We explored offspring of different animals and matched the offspring to the correct adult. We also explored which animals lay eggs and which animals give birth to young.


As geographers we have continued our learning about the UK and have explored the country of Northern Ireland. We looked at maps of Northern Ireland and discovered that there are lots of rivers and high ground there.


We have also started our new PE enrichment activities. Oak class enjoyed using the bikes, scooters and body boards. Hawthorn class enjoyed participating in their hula-hoop disco!

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