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A Year 2 Class Post

Autumn 2 Week 3

Year 2 have had a lovely week and an especially fun day today coming in to school all dressed up for Children in Need. We talked about why we raise money for charity and the importance of helping others in need – it was so lovely to hear the children’s ideas and experiences.

As writers, we have now written a wonderful report on Animals and their Habitats. The children have learnt to use many features of non fiction texts in their own writing, including; titles, sub titles, diagrams, captions, labels and fact boxes. They have worked so hard on this all week and we are really impressed with how much they know and can write about animals and their habitats.

As mathematicians, we have continued to use the column method and the children can now subtract a two digit number from another. We used the STEM sentence ‘First subtract the ones, then subtract the tens’ to help us remember what to do.

As designers, we have started our DT project on Wheels and Axles where all children will have designed and created a vehicle of their own by the end of the project. This week the children explored different ways to put wheels and axles together by working in small groups and showing excellent team work. We are really excited about making them next week!

As geographers, the children have been using their grid referencing skills to find land marks in London. They worked really well in pairs to find both physical and human features such as the River Thames, Tower Bridge and Hyde Park.

The children have had a fantastic week of learning and we look forward to another super week next week.


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