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A Year 1 Class Post

Autumn Term 2 – Week 4

What a lovely week, Year 1!

In English this week, we have enthusiastically performed a Whoosh of Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett. We have practiced performing Monkey and Me every day, embedding the repetitive phrasing. We have also sequenced the story and picked our animals for our own story.

In maths this week, we were inspired by the shop role play area in our classrooms to learn about coins, applying our knowledge by comparing their value and using addition skills to find the total of two coins.

We began the new topic of Winter this week in Science! We discussed all that we already knew about winter.

We have looked at the life of Mary Seacole in history this week. We compared medicine now and in the past. We sorted her timeline and discussed her life using key artefacts from it. We also drew portraits of her using our developing sketching skills.

In art, we used our paint mixing skills to create tints. We discussed how we add white to a colour to create a tint. We gradually added white to create different tints and practice this skill on an umbrella.

Next Week:

  • We will be doing addition and subtraction.
  • In English we will be continuing to  look at Repetitive Phrases, and write our own version of Monkey and Me.
  • In History we are going to be comparing Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.
  • In PE we will be continuing working on ball skills using our feet and ball skills using our hands.


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