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A Year 1 Class Post

Autumn Term 2 – Welcome Back

What a first week back we’ve had!

This week we have been performers in English. We’ve learnt and performed nursery rhymes, along with writing and performing poetry in the style of Benjamin Zephaniah. We ended the week by learning and performing the ‘Gun Powder Plot Rhyme’ and writing our own Sound Collector poems.

We’ve also been mathematicians and learnt about 2D and 3D shapes. We have named, sorted and created patterns with them.

Finally we have been putting our Historian skills to the test by travelling back in time to meet Howard Carter and Guy Fawkes. We took part in a dig and lots of different activities to learn about Howard Carter and his discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. We learnt about why we celebrate Bonfire night by completing, digs, fact files and used our printing skills to create firework pictures.


Next Week:

  • We will be doing addition in maths. (fact families and number bonds)
  • In English we will be doing Recounts.
  • In history we are going to be exploring Remembrance and why we celebrate it.
  • In PE we will be carrying on ball skills using our feet and ball skills using our hands.
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