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A Year 5 Class Post

Baking bread and making r-r-raps!

Baking Bread
This week we moved on to the final stages of our DT project – baking bread.
We had the opportunity to put the skills we’ve practised during this project to good use.
We had lots of fun mixing, kneading, decorating and baking. It was hard work kneading our bread, but we all knew what we were doing as we practised last week. When it was baking, the bread all smelt wonderful. Some children had added herbs and cheese to their dough, and this smelt like pizza as it cooked. It was hard to wait to taste our bread, while we waited for it to cool down.
After our bread was baked, we tasted our bread, thinking about its appearance, texture, taste and smell. Some people had sprinkled cheese on top of their rolls, or added olives. These ones looked particularly tasty.
It was exciting to make something ourselves that was just as delicious as the bread we analysed at the start of the project. There was an amazing array of designs – everyone had put their own personal touch on the basic bread roll.
It was a fantastic way to end the week – look out for all the photos of our baking during the outcome next Wednesday!
Ra-ra ra-ra ra-ra Raps!
This week was the second week of our rap-writing unit. We took our rap-writing further, exploring how we can build up a whole poem on a theme by using the chorus and stanzas together. We all chose a theme and wrote a chorus about our theme. Then we wrote three or four stanzas which gave examples of our theme in action. Then all the separate parts of our raps linked together.
The best part was performing our raps and listening to everyone’s fantastic rhymes and rhythms. Some children challenged themselves to write a funny or serious rap, and did a great job of including puns, thought-provoking rhetorical questions and sensible or extreme similes. Look out for some great lyrics on our English working walls in Outcome on Wednesday!
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