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A Year 3 Class Post

Busy Bees in Year 3

This term year 3 have been so busy – we can’t believe it is now the half term break.

As scientists, we have learned about light this term carrying lots of investigations including reflective surfaces, the impact of the sun and shadows just to name a few. Last week we made shadow puppets and investigated the best way to get a clear image and show detail.



As artists, we will have been developing our painting, drawing, sketchbook skills and even sewing skills in this unit. We analysed works of Hannah Rae – a contemporary UK artist who creates mix media textile art. Using her pieces as inspiration and our own landscape observational skills we are working on our own mixed media piece.


As Geographers, we have started to learn about the water cycle, creating our own water cycle diagrams and exploring different types of clouds. We were very fortunate to have a visit from Mrs Fowler, one of our parents, who is a hydrologist who talked to us about the water cycle and what she does in her very interesting job – many thanks to her for her time!


In RE we have been exploring the question: Where to moral and religious stories come from and what is their significance. We have read, acted out, watched and discussed both Christian stories and parables from the The Bible and Religious stories from the Qu’ran and Islamic traditions. We particularly enjoyed comparing Creation stories from the two different religious and found lots of similarities. Here is some our beautiful artwork inspired by lines from these important stories.

We have been wonderful authors this term, writing a range of inspiring reports and stories. One of the highlights of the term was learning the conventions of playscripts and then writing and performing our own. We have discovered that we are budding playwrights and wonderful actors:


We are looking forward now to our final half term in Year 3 and getting ready for our transition to Year 4!

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