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A Year 5 Class Post

Creating Ancient Greek myth vases!

Art – Exploring Materials
Today in art we explored the differences and special effects we could achieve with different materials – graphite, ink and charcoal. We chose a story-telling word from our English Traditional Tales unit – forest, night-time, hurricane – and created an image that represented the word in each of the different materials. Our artists particularly enjoyed using charcoal. For many of them, this was their first experience of it.
“I love this charcoal – you can create really dark areas and then smudge it to make it softer.”
“I think my picture with the charcoal is very atmospheric – it’s cloudy and foggy. I really like it.”
“I like the graphite best because you can create lighter areas. It’s good for drawing precise shapes.”
Next week we will be focusing on charcoal to create a complete scene.
History – Ancient Greek Myths and Legends
In History this week we told each other about the Greek gods, goddesses and heroes that we know. We learnt about how the Greeks’ religion was polytheistic and that there gods were like a big family who fell in love, argued and had rivalries with each other just like humans.
We looked at examples of Greek pottery and made our own designs for pots based on Greek myths.
Science – Night and Day
In Science we built on our Year 5 understanding of orbiting and rotating to explain night and day and how shadows change at different times of the day, depending on where the Sun is in relation to us on the surface of the Earth. There was lots of spinning – luckily we didn’t get too dizzy!


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