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A Year 1 Class Post

End of Summer 1

Well done Year 1! You have worked really hard this half term. What a lot of learning!

In English, we finished publishing our animal reports. We learnt lots about how authors research and write non-fiction books.

We learnt about position and direction in maths this week. We explored the different ways we can make turns: a quarter turn, half turn, three-quarter turn and a full turn. We also practiced our left, right, forwards and backwards. We began to look at prepositional language e.g. above and below. The children tried really hard with this and were able to apply their knowledge to maths problems.

On the 24th May, it was Queen Victoria’s birthday. Through a series of different activities, we explored the life and times of Queen Victoria. Using our investigative skills, we asked and answered questions based on the sources, to see if we could work out who we would be looking at in history. We looked at chronologically ordering dates in a timeline and compared Victorian and modern inventions.

In Art, we have continued to build on our art skills. This week we have extended our skills to clay. First, we used our observational skills to think about the textures and features of owls. We then sculpted the clay using a coil technique, moulding and shaping our owls out of clay. Finally, adding textures using clay tools to scrape into the surface of the clay with our mark making techniques.


After half term:

  • We will be building our place value skills, working to 100 in maths
  • In English we will be looking at contemporary fiction and working on our story writing skills
  • We will be looking at plants in science
  • In Geography, we will look at where in the world our food comes from
  • We will be starting a new DT food topic
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