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A Year 5 Class Post

Exploring Identity

Happy Half Term everyone!

Well done to all the children for continuing to work hard right up to the end of this half term. This week we’ve seen the brilliant results of all their hard work, particularly in Art and English where we’ve been exploring the theme of identity and our worlds with letters, words poetry and images.

Typography and Maps – Mapping Our Identities

This week we completed and shared our final art pieces. We have been creating alphabets and lettering this half term, as well as practising our drawing skills drawing objects that are precious, special or significant to us (because if we’re honest, what we’re afraid of can be as important as what we love!)

Using Chris Kenney’s collaged abstracted maps as our inspiration, we combined lettering and images into collaged works that share something of who we are with our audience. We looked at colour, composition and connections between different elements in our compositions, and worked hard to make sure our images hung together and worked as one.

Karl Nova – Rhythm and Poetry

This week, we worked hard as poets creating our own poems inspired by the positive vibes and blistering rhymes and rhythms of Karl Nova. We chose a topic that was important to us and thought hard about the thoughts and feelings we wanted to share with the wider world. We collected ideas and memories as well as drafts and ideas for poems in our poetry journals and creative writing books before polishing them ready for performing or publishing this week. Please encourage your young poets to keep writing whenever they can or feel the urge – their creative writing books are always open!


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