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A Year 5 Class Post

Farewell Macbeth…

Year 5 Artists have been studying and practising using a variety of techniques to add interesting effects such as reflections, shadows and direction of light when creating their own Macbeth set- inspired by our English play study of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Artists were thoughtful in using different materials to create life like qualities as well as abstract interpretations for their set! Have a look at the amazing sets created- we have some future set designers among us!

Finally, to end our Macbeth learning, we acted out some final scenes in the play with Mrs KC’s expert advice on acting being an actress herself.

“I enjoyed making the characters in my set, my scene was the banquet where Banquo’s ghost is seen. My ghost is hanging from my set ceiling. I put the torch on an angle to you could see the ghost’s shadow pointing down.” – Austin

“Amy and I had different materials to build our scene, my favourite part was making the bed that King Duncan was murdered on.”-Violet

“It was really fun making our own set, I made a poster bed for King Duncan’s room!” –Jessica P

“After we finished, we had an art gallery to see other scene sets and how they put it together! I liked them all!” –Lily



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