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A Year 5 Class Post

Feeling good week!

It has been feeling good week at school this week!

Year 5 have participated in Street dance which was so fun and we learnt new dance moves such as the smurf, afro and pop! We also had a lovely story time with duvets in the library with Mrs Hull followed by Zumba this morning where we learnt Spanish dance moves whilst getting active.

We added to our science learning this week when investigating reversible and irreversible changes. We observed what happens to a raw egg when we boil it, chocolate buttons when melted on a hot water bottle, bicarbonate soda and vinegar inflating a balloon as well as what happens to milk when vinegar is added- ewwww!

We have worked very hard this term and excited for the next half term of year 5 where we will be able to show case our learning at outcome at the end of term.

We hope everyone has a relaxing, well-deserved half term!


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