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A Year 3 Class Post

Feeling Good Week

In Year 3 this week, we had a great time participating in activities that made us feel good. We had a great time getting groovy and bopping in our Street Dance session. Our teachers were particularly impressed with our ‘free style’ dancing!


In class, we worked built on our ‘relationship’ R by working as a team to create a wellbeing garden. Here, we had to make sure our garden was inclusive for all people-including people who may or may not have a disability. Have a look at some of our designs and ideas.

We loved having ‘Phase’ come in to do some work all about kindness. We come up with amazing contributions towards what it means to be kind.

In RE, we looked at how Muslims feel good-through prayer. We explored how prayer was important to Muslims and how often they pray throughout the day. We took on the role as ‘teacher and pupil’ to show others what we had found out.

We have had a great time this week and we thank Mrs Hull for setting up some amazing things for us to do this week.

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