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A Year 5 Class Post

Finding Solutions!



Separating Solutions

This week in Science we moved on to investigating a specific kind of mixture – solutions.

We explored different materials and whether they were soluble or not. In some easy-to-replicate-at-home science, we found we were able to separate rice and pasta from water by sieving. Sieving did not work for our mixtures of salt and water, sugar and water and coffee and water. We knew these materials hadn’t disappeared as we knew we would be able to taste them if we were to try them.

We will come back after the weekend to see the results of the evaporation tests we have set up, to see if we can recover our salt, sugar and coffee granules this way.



Our gymnasts go from strength to strength, becoming increasingly confident in longer sequences of moves and on transitioning on and off different pieces of equipment.

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