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A Year 2 Class Post

First Week of Spring Term

Year 2 have had a fantastic first week of 2021!

As writers we have read the text ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ and written our very own set of instructions based off of the text.

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth: Amazon.co.uk: Robinson, Michelle, Hindley,  Kate: 9780857075802: Books

As mathematicians we have been introduced to the x symbol and learnt that it means ‘groups of’. We have started learning our 2, 5 and 10x tables.

As scientists we have started our topic of ‘Everyday materials’, learning the difference between objects and materials.

As Geographers we have started our learning on ‘continents and oceans’ by first exploring the world. The children explored globes, atlases and maps to find what was the same and what was different about them. We then created our own globes and labelled them with different parts.

As digital learners we have started our unit on ‘questioning’ by collecting data on types of houses people live in and creating our very own pictograms.

In our enrichment we started our 3 week block on ‘nature scavenger hunts’ and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the school grounds for things like worms and flowers.

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