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A Year 3 Class Post

First week of Term 2

Welcome back to Year 3!

It has been a great week back full of learning and recounts from our Christmas break.

In Maths this week, we have learnt about Perimeter and know how to calculate the perimeter of regular shapes. We drew our own different ‘non-congruent’ rectangles with the same perimeter and worked in partners to solve questions showing our workings to prove our answer. We revisited the RUCSAC strategy from last term and applied it to complete the perimeter word problems.

Alternate Fairy Tales is our new topic in English, we read The True Story of The Little Pigs which is a funny, interesting retelling of the traditional fairy tale we have learnt in KS1. We learnt about first and third person and changed third person sentences to first person by using the personal pronoun ‘I’ or ‘my’. We imagined being the wolf in the text and understanding how he may feel by writing a diary entry using emotive language and first person. In groups, we role played a police station interview between the three little pigs and the wolf to understand different perspectives in the text ad turned our spoken dialogue into speech sentences using inverted commas and the correct punctuation. Today, we imagined ourselves in the courtroom and wrote a letter from the judge to the wolf explaining the guilty or non guilty decision.

In Science, we started our new topic Animal including Humans by learning about the Human Diet and food groups and nutrients we need to stay healthy and keep our bodies working.

Ash studied food labels from home to discover that Tuna is the healthiest source of protein with 29g of protein and 126 calories compared to 2 chocolate biscuits which has 6g protein and a astonishing 244 calories!

In PSHE today, we talked about the secrets and surprises and when it is okay to not keep a secret. We had class discussions and practiced drama about scenarios when it is ok to share a secret to ensure we are safe and happy. 

It has a tremendous start back to term 2!

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