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A Year 5 Class Post

First week of year 5

For 7 days now, Year 5 of Samuel Lucas have experienced a new classroom, a new teacher and a whole new atmosphere. The subjects are the same as usual, but we are exploring new and fascinating topics. These include space, ancient Greece and comparing bigger numbers in maths.

Having a big change like moving class and having a whole new teacher can be worrying for some, but it nearly always turns out to be better than you expected. Looking around the class and judging by their mood and engagement with lessons, I would say my classmates have settled in nicely.

So far, we’ve learnt in English how to paragraph our sentences, in Science how Aristotle proved the Earth was round, recapped our French and in P.E have started a new topic which is football!

We started our Science topic this week, and we had opportunities to develop our scientific questioning and reasoning skills.

We started with an activity deciding which statements about space were true or false. We could say if we weren’t sure, and also we were asked what we wanted to learn about Space.

We learnt that stars are gas and not made of rocks, and also that there are other galaxies in the universe. We also learnt that the moon wasn’t actually made of cheese.

We learnt about how the Earth is spherical and there might be life on Mars. We also discussed what the end of the universe might look like.

I am happy we are learning this topic because I want to learn astronomy and be a scientist. If anyone in Year 5 wants to be an astronaut, they now more lots more about space.

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