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A Year 2 Class Post

Garden list poems, celebrating differences and a car show!

Year 2 have been busy back at school!

We explored what list poems are and practised creating our own garden poems using alliteration, adjectives and personification. We learned that personification is having a non-human object human qualities like whistling wind or waving grass! We loved writing our own garden poems and performing them to our class.

In PSHE this term, our jigsaw piece is Celebrating differences where we will be learning about what makes us all unique and different within our class, school, community and the world. We started the unit by pairing up in pairs or groups and discovering things that we have in common like favourite colour, food, subject or teacher!

For our DT project this term, we will be designing our own vehicle!

In our DT process, before we begin designing, we first have to investigate and explore existing cars so were lucky enough to have a few teachers put on a car show for us in our car park where we looked at their vehicle and explored their features such as wheels, windows, headlights, handles, doors to give us all ideas for our own vehicle.


It was very fun and we cannot wait to start designing our own vehicle. 


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