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A Year 4 Class Post

Geography/Fieldwork Week

Last week was particularly exciting under Samuel Lucas’ Geography Fieldwork theme. This means we were able to leave our classrooms behind and explore the local area in order to develop our fieldwork skills, such as observing, map reading, questioning, finding, collecting and representing relevant information. Last week, we made a direct link between our English and Geography learning as we planned and created our own discussion texts on whether Hitchin swimming pool should extend its car park into Butts Close. During the trip, we discussed the possible positive and negative impacts it might have on humans as well as local wildlife. In Maths, we learned how to read and follow co-ordinates and in Art, we applied different techniques from various landscape artists. Overall, Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed Geography week and have formed some lovely memories from it. Please have a look at some of the photos from our fieldwork trip to Butts Close;

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