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A Year 5 Class Post

Great start to our last Year 5 term!

We started the term off attending the Olympic Legacy event at Knight’s Templar School where we participated and played with local schools in Hertfordshire in games such as handball, rounders, dance, boccia, sitting volleyball and dodgeball. Our school represented Australia and Brazil and lovely to meet other children from other schools- it was a great day out in the sun practising applying our skills!

In maths, we have added to our decimals learning by playing games to practise creating our own decimal numbers to add, subtract, compare and order!

This summer term in Science, we are carrying on our life cycles learning with looking at a life cycle of a flower then will move onto Humans including Animals where we will learn about the life cycle of a human. Our first science lesson, we dissected a rose flower to observe the parts of a flower.



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