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A Year 6 Class Post

Happy Christmas from Spruce!

We have come to the end of a very eventful term.  Spruce have coped admirably with the new routines and systems and are now ready for a well-desreved break!

As a class, we have tried hard to remember all the things we have studied this term:

  • stained glass windows
  • basketball in PE
  • coordinates in maths
  • volcanoes
  • Renoir’s Umbrellas
  • Nicholas the Sweep story writing
  • Spiderwick
  • DT games
  • fractions
  • the geography of our school in art
  • map readaing in PE
  • animal classification
  • paragraphs and punctuation
  • Haunted Mansion in French
  • Buddhism
  • prime, cube and square numbers
  • daily routines in French
  • Jigsaw lessons
  • celebrating differences
  • Zones of Regulation
  • explanation texts (The Snoozatron!)
  • long multiplication
  • talent show in music……..

The list could go on and on!

The children have shown wonderful behaviour for learning skills throughout the term and it has been a pleasure to teach them. Many thanks for your kind words of support and for your Christmas gifts.

From Mr Burgess and Miss Bernstein.


We would like to share a few thoughts with you before we break up!

“I liked making the volcano games because I enjoyed learning about completing the circuits.” Mirelle

“I liked learning about Spiderwick and making my own creature because we could be as creative as we wanted to be.” Amelie-Su.

“I enjoyed creating a volcano game in DT.” Joshua

” I really enjoyed learning about animal classification because I found out so much I didn’t already know.” Keira

“I enjoyed the story unit in english because it boosted my creativity in writing.” Alexander

“I enjoyed having different teachers for maths and english and learning new subjects.” Anika

“My favourite thing in maths was doing the four quadrants as it expanded my knowledge.” Evangeline

” I really enjoyed making our stained glass windows because I like being creative in art.” Jess

“My favourite topic was creating our volcano game because it gave us the chance to discover new features of a circuit.” Tilly

“So far, I have enjoyed doing the caving in PE because it felt like we were doing it in real life!” Flo H

” I loved animal classification because I didn’t know I knew so much about animals!” Eva

“My favourite part in science was learning about the circuits because I didn’t know how to make a complete circuit.” Shivrel

“I especially liked using Google Classroom.” Derick

Have a happy holiday!



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