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A Year 5 Class Post

Hot seating and friction!

Last week in our english writing, we have explored poetry and created a war cinquain!

We discovered that cinquains are 5 lined poems about a theme and have language and structure rules.

Hot seat! To create a war cinquain, we imagined ourselves to be a soldiers getting ready to leave for war- we interviewed different soldiers to ask how they felt, what they imagined war to be like and why they had to go to war…

In Science this week, we added to our Forces learning by exploring Friction. We investigated the force of Friction on different materials by using our school shoe and dragging it across different board materials such as carpet, sandpaper, tarmac, bubble wrap and foam to measure the amount of force required on the Newton metre. We discovered that sandpaper/tarmac required the most friction force which matches some of our predictions after learning that if there is a more bumpy surface there is more friction between the two surfaces rubbing together. For examples, ice skates on ice is less friction as you can easily glide around!



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