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A Year 2 Class Post

Huggies, Whooshes & a rabbit called Stanley

Oak Class spent the afternoon with Hawthorn Class and Miss Painter having lots of fun doing drama, freeze frames and role plays.  The children really enjoyed working with different people in our class and with their friends in Hawthorn.  Huggies are a good way of getting children into groups and also in a given number e.g. if they hear ‘Huggy 4’, the children make a group of 4 from the nearest people around.  We asked them to create freeze frames related to our new class story – That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown.  For the Whoosh, children sat in circles and ‘jumped in’ when asked to create a picture as the story is being told.  When the circle gets too crowded, the ‘Whoosh’ clears the stage (by the way, Oak Class has some fantastic actors!)

Over the next few weeks, we will be using the story as part of our learning in English.  Why not ask your child to try and retell the story of That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown.

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