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Intra House Hockey Tournaments – KS2

The last Monday before Christmas provided an opportunity for all of our KS2 children to participate in their Intra House Hockey tournaments.

We were very lucky to use Blueharts Hockey club for the day as all of the children represented their house in a round robin of fixtures.

As always with end of unit events we are checking for children’s understanding and knowledge and also to see if they can show the skills that they have acquired and developed.

The most pleasing aspect for me (that a lot of teachers also made comment on) was the sportsmanship, teamwork and kindness that was on show. Having the right attitude, values and respect in sport and PE can go a long way and I am very proud that the children are able to display these traits without being asked to. More importantly they understand why. Well done everyone you were fantastic!

A special mention must go to our Year 6 sports captains who umpired the year 3 and 4 fixtures. I had lots of positive feedback regarding your manner, knowledge and kindness to the lower KS2 classes. Well done and thank you.

The results were as follows:

Year 3 

Ash – Farah 13 points

Elm – Farah and Brownlee 10 points

Overall Year 3 winners – Farah 23 points

Year 4 

Pine – Pendleton 10 points

Larch – MacArthur 13 points

Overall Year 4 winners – MacArthur 17 points

Year 5 

Maple – MacArthur 15 points

Walnut – Brownlee 15 points

Overall Year 5 winners – MacArthur 25 points

Year 6 

Spruce – Brownlee 15 points

Beech – Brownlee 11 points

Overall Year 6 winners – Brownlee 26 points



1st – Brownlee 80 points

2nd – Farah 66 points

3rd – MacArthur 65 points

4th – Murray 44 points

5th – Pendleton 40 points

6th – Simmonds 33 points

Mr Smith

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