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A Year 6 Class Post

Isle of Wight. Terrific Tuesday.

Hi again.

Another great day. Weather a little overcast but no rain, which is always an absolute bonus.

The children were amazing last night and were woken at seven for breakfast. Once again, the meal was a hit with choice of cereals followed by any combination of sausage, beans and toast.

Upon arrival at Osborne House, we walked to the beach and spent a lovely calm half hour there before visiting the house itself in our groups. I’m delighted that a number of members of the public complimented our children on their behaviour and inquisitiveness. We were indeed genuinely delighted with them.

After our packed lunch, we drove to meet Martin Simpson, the palaeontologist, who gave a great talk about fossils in general and those specific to the Isle of Wight, before leading us on our second beach adventure of the day.

I won’t spoil any surprises, but so many children will be returning with trophies.

Back for dinner (pasta bolognaise or jacket potato followed by ice -cream) before another hour-long run-around on our nearby beach. Three in a day: is this a record?!

Spirits are still high as I am writing this. The children have just had a biscuit and glass of water before returning to their rooms. I’ve a feeling they will sleep well tonight.

We are all having a really great time and loving taking good care of your children.

Until tomorrow……. Mr B.

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