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A Year 6 Class Post

Isle of Wight. Thoughtful Thursday.

OK…. So “Thoughtful” Thursday might seem like pushing it a bit BUT…….. we were all very thoughtful on the beautiful pebble beach at Alum Bay this morning. Each year we try to encourage the children to just sit, close their eyes and experience the sound of the sea on the pebbles. To calm themselves. To enter into the spirit of the activity. This year, I can honestly say, was the most successful I’ve been part of. The children were quiet, sensible and focused for two or three minutes. They were amazing.

They have actually been amazing all week.

I am so proud of them and all the adults have had a genuinely great time because of the behaviour, attitude, humour and just general decency of your children. It’s always great to see them away from school and we learn so much more about them.

The pre-ordered sand bottles were expertly filled and are currently snuggled protectively in items of clothing in the suitcases. The ice-creams were enormous and went down a storm. My blueberry one was probably one of the best I’ve had.

Carisbrooke Castle was highly successful too: a video room explaining the history of the Castle in a child-friendly way, a walk along the ramparts and in the keep and a long free play session on the enormous bowling green and surrounding banks.

After a well-received fish and chip dinner, everyone prepared for the state-of-the-art disco. Well… Mrs Reed dimmed the dining hall lights a bit and I blue-toothed my phone through a couple of speakers and took requests on Spotify. Is that state-of-the-art? Again…. the children were amazing and seemed to love joining in with the singing as well as the dancing. Not an explicit lyric to be heard, I promise you. We ended with the eternally popular Sweet Caroline which raised the roof thanks to Mr Smith’s playground training at school. I’m sure Ms Thrussell actually DOES believe it was written about her.

It’s 10.40 pm now. All has been silent for forty minutes. They are exhausted! We had to wake them individually this morning. It’s a 6.45 wake-up tomorrow to get our timings right for the ferry. Should be interesting.

Ms Thrussell, Ms Chernowski, Mrs Langrish, Miss Gray, Mrs Reed and myself have honestly had a great time and believe the children have too. We will keep you informed of our progress tomorrow as we journey home and we look forward to touch down at Samuel Lucas sometime in the afternoon.

Have a lovely half term with your lovely children.

Mr B

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