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A Year 6 Class Post

Isle of Wight. Wednesday, Wet and windy Wednesday. (But still Wonderful!)

Hi again.

Yes… it was windy and rained a bit in the afternoon but we have had yet another fantastic day.

The children loved Blackgang Chine. The water slides were as popular as they have always been: two rides each. Hall of Mirrors, a maze, a dinosaur experience and a thing that goes up and then down with people sitting in rows attached to it: Evolution, I believe it is called.

All this before the main attraction: Extinction.

Extinction. Google it.

Naturally, as group leader, I led the way to the front where I bravely looked after everyone’s bags as they defied gravity for seventy-five seconds. Those who went on the monster loved it and those who didn’t were glad they didn’t!

We had lunch together overlooking the sea then a pirate ship battle involving water cannons. Again…. the children had great fun. As an aside, I met Joe Sugg at this point, who was visiting with his fellow YouTuber sister, Zoella and his mum. I was thrilled to talk to him and he was lovely. Imagine the blank stares, boredom and indifference when I tried to brag to the children…..

The huge proportion of children opted for chicken curry and rice, with a couple of jacket potatoes here and there and then we spent an hour and a half on the sea-front golf course. Again… amazing behaviour and attitude. Great fun.

Everyone is asleep now. We have a 7.45 breakfast tomorrow before visiting Alum Bay and Carisbrooke Castle. The weather is due to be better.

Over and out.

Mr B

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