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A Year 6 Class Post

Jubilee Week in Year 6!

After our wonderfully successful visit to the Isle of Wight last week, we returned to a busy final week before half term

On Monday, year 6 and year 5 auditioned for roles in Peter Pan. We were impressed by everyone who auditioned and decided to form two casts for our production this year to give as many children as possible the opportunity to perform. The children received their scripts on Thursday afternoon and we look forward to rehearsing during the four weeks after half term.

As writers, we have written diaries in role from the Isle of Wight and a sequence of illustrated Haiku based on our memories from the trip. As scientists, we have studied the story of the peppered moth and combined our art skills with caption writing to create a comic strip to demonstrate our understanding. We have been working collaboratively in groups during maths sessions, where we are creating a theme park project which follows a strict business model. The children are working so well on this and are improving their knowledge of money and coping with a budget (£5 million!)

On Thursday we spent the day learning about the Queen’s 70th Jubilee and watched historical sources of her Coronation. In groups, we  created collages and bunting in preparation for our whole school picnic on Friday, full of sunshine and informal, class-based celebratory games: what a lovely way to end the half term!



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