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A Year 5 Class Post

Land of the Free

The children were very proud to display their term’s work to their parents, grandparents and other visitors who came along to the class outcome. On show was evidence of research and learning, where the children have worked both collaboratively and independently. With North America as the main theme, the class have created their own Explorer Guides and travel posters of various landmarks within the continent, as well as focusing on different tribes and cultures of the Native Americans.

Parents were introduced to the Legend of John Henry, the steel driver, with the children taking on the role of John Henry himself, his wife and the owner of C&O Railroads. They were able to relate to visitors how his spirit and determination became a part of the legend, despite the sad consequence of his famous race.

Artwork was displayed, showing the children’s expertise with watercolour paints, as well as their stylish cityscapes of American sky-lines. A video of the children’s ‘Ghost Dance’ was also on show, demonstrating how the children used interpretive dance in their PE sessions, creating their own small-group routines based on aspects of Native American culture, and culminating in a final successful whole class sequence.

Visitors looking at the collaborative research of Native American culture


Lots to see and discover in our outcome


Demonstrating skills of coding in IT


Clip from the ‘Ghost Dance’ video from children’s PE sessions


Talking about individual research on North American landmarks


Demonstrating how group working can produce a good quality Explorer Guide


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