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A Year 5 Class Post

Last week of Spring term!

This week Year 5 have had a great end to the term with Science Week!
The theme this year is Growth, and we have tried out different activities exploring different ideas connecting to growing.
We started the week by thinking about food and how growing and making food impacts on the environment. We investigated a range of different foods and the food miles that they had. We were surprised to find out some foods that we eat every day come from a long way away, like tomatoes from Italy and cheese from Greece. We designed a planet-friendly burger, choosing options that were tasty but also wouldn’t grow pollution too much!
We also tested out whether longer legs can jump further. Do legs that have grown more jump further? We found out that they don’t. Shorter legs can jump further! We practised our measuring skills and setting up a fair test when we did this experiment – at first everyone had longer legs than the teacher! But then we thought about choosing points to measure between and measured between our ankles and our hips.
The most fun challenge had to be the Curly-Wurly stretch challenge. Everyone tried different techniques to make their curly-wurly grow the most. We warmed the curly-wurly up with our hands and then had to be really delicate when we squeezed and stretched it. The longest curly-wurly in Year 5 was stretched to 95 cm!
Thank you to Miss Mai for organising such an amazing range of activities – it’s been really fun exploring different science experiments and looking at our theme of Growth from lots of different angles.
We also had a successful outcome on Wednesday evening where we got to showcase and share our foundation subject learning with our parents, peers and the rest of the school.
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