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A Year 5 Class Post

Learning Outdoors!

This week has been Outdoor Learning Week this week – although hopefully this will have been just the start of Year 5 embracing the outside learning environment and all the potential for greater engagement, retention and practical learning it offers.



We went outside and made giant number lines. We practised counting across zero and then working out who had swapped places in the line. Back in class we drew thermometers and compared the differences in the temperatures in different places. When surveyed, most of us preferred the idea of visiting hot places but there were a few who fancied going to some colder destinations.


In Science, we looked at the different stages of the flowering plant cycle, and went outside to explore seeds and fruits. We matched flowers to the fruit they turned into and also looked at the different ways seeds travel to ensure they don’t compete with their parent plant for space and resources. We looked at fruit we eat like strawberries and raspberries, as well as answering questions like why is sticky weed sticky, why do coconuts float and is our school good for pollinators.


We stayed inside for art, but had a great time putting our finishing touches to our Macbeth sets. Some of us adjusted our work to make sure we had some clear dramatic shadows in our sets, including a willow tree with the shadow of a dragon, a banqueting hall with a ghost chair for Banquo and interesting combinations of shadow and physical trees to create Burnham Woods. We also exhibited our work and visited each other’s classrooms; there was a constructive and respectful atmosphere throughout. Well done on all the dramatic and thoughtful final pieces!



Phase came in for their third and final session of the year – Dealing with Disappointment. They talked us through the 4 Ps – Problem-solving, Positivity, Perspective and Perseverance, and gave us lots of tips on how to feel in control, stay positive and keep going even when life doesn’t give us what we’d really like.

They will return to work with the children in Year 6. We have all got so much out of their sessions, and we’ve very much appreciated their work with us.




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