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A Year 3 Class Post

Lockdown Learning!

This week Mrs Butterworth and Miss Clapp have loved reading you adventure stories! They have been extremely creative and lots have included features that are needed in adventure stories. We love the time some of you have taken to include pictures with your story maps too, also ensuring you have used your Caps Lock on the computer!

It was great to see that lots of you enjoyed learning about Roald Dahl, finding out about why he began to write children’s stories and where some of his inspiration came from. We also hope that you enjoyed the time we gave you to free read, maybe revisiting a book that you love or finding something new.

Mrs Butterworth and Miss Clapp have been busy planning some exciting Science and Art lessons. What could we teach you that you don’t already know about plants? Hmm…

Miss Clapp has been out of her comfort zone with technology today, trying to record a video to help you next week – let’s hope it works.

Enjoy your long weekend!

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