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A Year 2 Class Post

London’s Burning

Today Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed a fun filled day of learning about the Great fire of London. In the morning we were sent to work to experience what life was like in 1666. We had the opportunity to work in a barber surgery, an apothecary, as leather workers, chandlers, perfumers, bakers, metal workers, seamstresses and weavers. Throughout the morning we also had the opportunity to learn how firefighters in 1666 would have tried to put out the fire and how people who had died from the plague would have had their bodies collected.


In the afternoon we used our archaeological skills to dig through the remains of houses to find out who used to live there. We then explored belongings that had been sent away by the residents when the fire broke out. Finally, we read through paperwork to decide who the house actually belonged to.


As a final treat, we were able to see a clay mould (created in the morning by Florence) used to create a necklace by melting and setting metal.


A big thank you to ALL parents for ensuring that your children looked the part for today and an extra thank you to the parent volunteers who made today possible!

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