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A Year 5 Class Post

Macbeth! Macbeth!

This week we are reaching the dramatic climax of Macbeth! Who will survive the final battle? Will the forces of good vanquish the bad? Will the witches pull the final strings or will the honourable Lords of Scotland put the right person back on the throne?
As Year 5 readers, the children have been exploring the themes and symbols Shakespeare uses to bring the ideas of power, good and evil and guilt to life. Next week the children will be creating their own versions of this classic tale – ask them to tell you the story and see how much th ey can remember.
This week we are starting our second painting piece inspired by Macbeth. We are taking some of the skills we practised last week – choosing colours that create a particular mood; setting up a background to a piece using watercolour wash and blending – and using them to set up a detailed painting of our imaginings of the Heath where Macbeth meets the witches.
This week we focused on creating shapes through observation of natural forms. We had fun drawing the hedges around the school, looking at leaves, branches and overall shapes. We practised using the one-line drawing technique to create bold, distinctive shapes that will add a layer of structure and shadow to our paintings before we overlay them next week with closely observed detailed paintings of flowers, leaves and wildlife. This is a perfect time of year to be observing nature and taking what we see as inspiration and sources material for our own work.
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