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A Year 5 Class Post

Magnificient Macbeth writing pieces and Greek myth vases!

We have enjoyed seeing Year 5 go through a Macbeth journey studying the magnificent work of Shakespeare’s finest work! Well done Year 5, your writing pieces have perfectly captured your hard work and Shakespeare inspired writing.

We have also explored Greece city states and put ourselves in the shoes of the Ancient Greeks and write lovely letters home! Then, we chose a Greek myth and used our creative skills to design and create a vase representing a Greek myth!

Have a look at some of the brilliant pieces of work – click on the links to see the written pieces.

We are SO proud of you! Keep up the hard work for the rest of the summer term.

letter from sparta by elijah bean






witches in the heath by flo h Emily greek vase 22 May 2020 Evie Coe_Greek Vase Design Evie’s Spartan letter Isaac Foreman’s Macbeth writing piece



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