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A Year 5 Class Post

Making bread dough and Early Islamic market stalls!

Today in DT, we practised the skills of measuring, kneading, shaping and cutting in our focus task of creating dough out of flour and water using appropriate utensils. This is the next step of our DT bread making journey. We then designed our bread snack: some designers designed a bread snack with olives, cheese or herbs. We drew an exploded diagram of our bread snack in preparation for making our product in two weeks.


In History, Historians travelled back to the Early Islamic civilisation to explore trading and we learnt about the Silk Road and how it was a method of trade during their times. We discovered the Silk Road spanned from Java to Europe with the centre of Baghdad. We looked at market stalls and how tradesman and craftsman made and sold their goods in their stalls. We discovered that the Early Islamic civilisation were fantastic engineers designing and creating water mills that are still standing now- 1,000 years later.

In partners, we created our own market stall and water mill inspired by the Early Islamic civilisation. Our stalls came to life with real Arabic words- Shop, Welcome, Hello, For Sale as well as selling goods such as fish, meat, silk, materials, jewellery, food and drink.


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