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A Year 5 Class Post

Maple blog -Our christmas blog!

We have been working very hard in Maple Class this half term and we would like to share our favourite moments with you.

Free Writing: WE LOVE FREE WRITING! We get to write about what we like which gives us freedom to be creative. Showing our writing to others makes us feel confident about writing as we know it is for enjoyment. We feel lucky that we get to do our Free write on children’s books because they are funny and entertaining.

English: Throughout this term, we have covered biographies, cinquains, explanation texts, traditional stories and have explored books such as ‘The Snowman’. Throughout these topics, we have explored how to widen our vocabulary as well as improving our sentence structure by using embedded clauses. Drama is a favourite activity of ours and we have found it very useful to help us infer how different characters felt.

Our Design and Technology bags are fabulous! We are all so pleased with not only how we designed the bags, but with how much time and effort we put into making them.

As a class, we feel safe and settled and we are all very proud of the work we have produced-especially when we were not at school for 6months. Our teachers would agree with this too. Our friendships have continued to get stronger and we are constantly supporting each other with our learning. Mrs Butterworth has provided us with lots of fun activities which we have found enjoyable and useful.

For the term ahead, we are going to continue working on being independent learners and having a positive growth mind set.

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